Since graduating with a degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice in 2011, Emma has been developing her skills and her craft by mixing further training with producing and performing in productions with RumDoxy Theatre; a small scale theatre company Emma co-founded in October 2011. She is now the creative director of Lemon Squeeze Productions.

With RumDoxy, Emma has performed in Shakespeare Adaptations, from ‘Viola’ to ‘Bottom’, she has been able to demonstrate her range and particularly her comic ability.

In recent years Emma starred in her own one-woman-show (Hell Hath No Fury), and played Carol in Oleanna at the Shaftesbury Fringe Festival. She has also enjoyed working with Phileas Fogg Theatre Company across the Netherlands.

In 2018, Emma played ‘Jean-Marie’ in ‘The Amours of Lilly Langtry’ at the Edinburgh Fringe, and in 2020, she took the role of ‘Anne Bronté’ in ‘At Home with the Brontés’ for the Space Online fringe.

In 2022 and 2023, Emma is set to direct ‘Hypnosis’ by Jim Cartwright, reprise the role of ‘Lacey’ in Dearly Beloved and has just finished playing ‘Jackie’ in the debut of CRUNCH! at Brighton Fringe.

Here are the original songs from the soundtrack for Hell Hath No Fury.
Written by Emma and arranged by Andy Merryweather