Long time, no post…

HAPPY_ì (26)

I have recently started a stand-up comedy course (Titter) which has pushed me well beyond my (ever expanding) comfort-zone! I signed up because I know that I can always do with help when it comes to writing, and learning the skill of writing comedy can only be a bonus.

I must confess, I was very intimidated by the idea of doing a 5 minute set at the end of the course – which is now only 4 weeks away – but I have learnt SO MUCH already that I am sure it will all come together and we’ll have a ball.



It’s fascinating to see the sheer amount of work that can go into writing a joke. There are so many different ways to construct a gag, numerous types, styles, personas to use, topics etc. I have always enjoyed performing comic roles, but I now appreciate more than ever work that goes into crafting those fantastic lines I sometimes get to say.

I have really enjoyed seeing how different the other people on the course are, there are only 9 of us but each of us has a very different persona, a range of ages and experiences which mean we all bring our own unique perspective to the party. We are a mixed bunch… mostly women, but I can just start to see people beginning to relax and enjoy the process a bit more. (I think we all started off a little terrified to be honest with you).

I can’t wait to see how everyone develops over the next 4 weeks, and to see what their final 5 minutes will
be like!

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