Edinburgh is almost upon us!

Not long now! Soon thousands of us will be descending on the city for (at least some of) August – I will be there for the whole month – I can’t wait! I’ve always thought the Fringe Festival is like a whole separate world – art, performance and music literally all around, it’s quite something…

Here is a link to the Fringe website for scouring through the THOUSANDS of shows which are offer: https://www.edfringe.com

One of my favourite things about the Edinburgh Fringe has to be that there is certain element of “you never know what you’re going get” when you book a show, and I’m not just talking about the production(s) – the venues vary hugely, you may find yourself in a traditional theatre-type situation, or a tent, or a cosy (that’s one way of describing it) darkened attic, an old church, or how about (what looks like) a barn? Who knows… maybe that’s why their hashtag this year is #intotheunknown – I think it’s very fitting!

Here is their latest (6th June 2018) news blog: https://www.edfringe.com/learn/news-and-events/leap-intotheunknown – lots more to see on their site, check it out.

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