Written by Sarah Archer
Brighton Fringe Festival (May 2022),

Audience Reactions:

“Really great – The Office meets The Vicar of Dibley!”
“Fantastic, really, really loved it”
“It’s really, really funny, and had a brilliant ending!”
“We loved it! Absolutely loved it!”

The Amours Of Lillie Langtry
Written by Joan Greening
Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Aug 2018),
Langtry Manor, Bournemouth (May 2018)

Audience reactions:
“Wonderfully amusing and original play, well worth seeing.”

“Great performances and a captivating, historical tabloid-esque tale of a royal mistress. Drama, laughter and touching moments.”

Written by David Mamet
Shaftesbury Fringe Festival 2017
Performed in Shaftesbury (June 2017)

Audience reactions:
“An outstanding show which makes you think a lot about the society of today. With amazing performance from the actors, Oleana is a show not to miss!!!”

“Oleana was amazing!! Takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, so eye opening.”

Hell Hath No Fury
Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 13.24.26
Written by Emma Hopkins
For the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015
Performed in Ashton Keynes (June 2015), Edinburgh (August 2015), Bath (November 2015), Shaftesbury (June 2017)

Audience reactions:
“I saw this last night in the Mission…thought it was a terrific piece of work, really impressed. Dark, complex, beautifully written and acted, tension didn’t drop for a moment (not easy with one performer only). Loved it, thank you.” (Bath – Nov.15)

“Mesmerising” (Edinburgh – Aug.15)

An Audience Without Victoria Wood – Tribute Evening
Sketches written by Victoria Wood
For the Bath Comedy Festival 2016 in aid of Jessie’s Fund
Performed in Widcombe, Bath (May 2016)

Dearly BelovedScreen Shot 2016-04-10 at 13.29.14.png
Written by Sarah Archer
For the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015
Performed in Ashton Keynes (May 2015), Bristol (July 2015), Edinburgh (August 2015), Thame (November 2015) & Bath (November 2015)

Audience reactions:
“A brilliant production superbly delivered.” (Thame – Nov.15)

“Sometimes you can discover a little gem of a production at the Fringe. ‘Dearly Beloved’ is one such gem, you’ll laugh and cry for all the right reasons… this production just might get you thinking… Highly recommend.” (Edinburgh – Aug.15)